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Huggans Consulting

Many are certified, but few are able!


Our Office--By having our office away from the expensive business parks, we are able to limit our overhead and pass the savings on to you.  You will notice we have passed beyond "Wireless" and have the more advanced technology of complete "Wireless" even to the point of needing electrical power.  We use natural air-conditioning to cool the huge array of one server.

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Our new facility is hidden away in a top secret location known only to our employees Jim, Chip, and Nate.  Being isolated and yet still within 2,000 miles of a major city, they are able to work without the problems of email spam and voice mail spam.  Their offices do not use light, since if truth be known, most web servers, ours included, are kept in dark quiet rooms and looked at only when they cause problems.

Description: D:\__FromFTP\wp3.jpgAs you can tell from the picture, we use special techniques to motivate employees to remain at their desks until projects are complete (and the weather has returned to normal).  Those failing to comply with company policy find themselves "washed up" to say the least.






Our Peerless Leader

 Need we say more???

Is this not an honest face?  Who could doubt what hides behind such gentle eyes.  We will work as hard for you as we play on our time off!

Every wonder what your Network Consultant does when they aren't at your office?  We can't tell you exactly what others do, but in this case we have documented proof that much time is spent in study and improving our knowledge base, sometime even in areas related to our work.  As for more certifications, all that means is time spent studying crib sheets and money sent to testing facilities.


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